Sunday, May 22, 2011

2nd Yr Shoe Sculptures

The 2nd Yrs had to construct a shoe from cardboard and papier mâché based on the form of one of their own. High top runners were a popular choice, with stiletto heels and boots also among the mix. When the form of the shoe was constructed the decoration and finish of the shoe had to be inspired by the artwork of a famous artist.
'Flag Above White Collage', Jasper Johns, 1955

Shoe inspired by Jasper Johns, by Kate Cunningham

Detail of other side of shoe by Kate Cunningham

  'Interior and Aubergines', by Henri
Matisse, 1911-1912

   Shoe inspired by the patterns of Matisse, by Katie Carolan

BLAM, Roy Lichtenstein, 1962

Shoe inspired by the Pop Art of Roy Lichtenstein, by Aoife Garry

High top runner inspired by Roy Lichtenstein, by Megan Brodigan
Detail of back of shoe by Megan Brodigan

'The Kiss' by Gustav Klimt, 1907-09

Shoe inspired by Klimt, by Lauren Flynn

Robert Rauschenberg
Shoe inspired by Robert Rauschenberg, by Emma Cummins

Wassily Kandinsky

Shoe inspired by Wassily Kandinsky, by Chloe Byrne