Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Leaving Cert - 2012

By Kate Finnegan

 Here are some examples of Life Drawing, Still Life and Craftwork from the Leaving Cert Exam 2012. The marking scheme for all of the practical Art exams are available from The percentage of marks are divided between the three practical modules and Art History. The breakdown is as follows:

         Still Life          -     25%
         Craft                -     25%
         Life Drawing   -    12.5%
         Art History      -     37.5%
Life Drawing by Kate Finnegan
Life Drawing by Aoife Sharkey

Life Drawing by Helen Campbell

By Helen Campbell

Still Life

Still Life by Hannah Clayton

Still Life by Aoife Sharkey

Still Life by Julie Evers

Still Life by Christina Lynch

Still Life by Kate Finnegan

Still Life by Aideen Moroney


Linoprint by Aoife Sharkey
Clay Relief Panel by Amie Kirk

Calligraphy by Julie Evers

Preliminary Sheet by Kate Finnegan

Linoprint by Stephanie Smith
Clay Relief Panel by Jordan Piper

Linoprint by Amy McGuinness

Clay Relief Panel by Claire Fagan

Linoprint by Hannah Clayton