Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Jenny Saville inspired paintings

The 5th years started out the year by studying the work of Jenny Saville. Jenny Saville is famous for her large scale canvases depicting fleshy women. She gained her degree at Glasgow School of Art (1988–1992), and was then awarded a six-month scholarship at the University of Cincinnati, where she states that she saw "Lots of big women. Big white flesh in shorts and T-shirts. It was good to see because they had the physicality that I was interested in" - a physicality that she partially credits to Pablo Picasso, an artist that she sees as a painter that made subjects as if "they were solidly there....not fleeting". This project involved an in depth study of the anatomy of the face through drawing, photography, and ceramics but also required students to investigate the qualities of paint, and in particular how Saville uses the medium of paint. The students started the project by extensively drawing the face and head from different viewpoints using different techniques.


They then went on to make a reproduction of Jenny Saville's famous self portrait 'Mirror Mirror'.

'Mirror Mirror' by Jenny Saville

Here are a some of the students attempts

To finish the project the students chose a portrait photograph to reproduce using similar painting techniques to Saville's.

Here are the results.

Amy Holdcroft
Jill Kinch
Amber Penders
Andrea Kelly
Chloe Sawyer
Katie-Ann Holdcroft
Alana Grennan Brennan


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween Photographs

Students from 1st and 2nd yr were asked to take a Halloween themed photograph. Here is a selection of the photographs submitted.

Niamh Woods - 1st Yr

Orla Molloy - 2nd Yr

Cait Murphy - 2nd Yr

Eimear McMahon - 2nd Yr

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Clay Tiles - 2nd Years

These beautiful tiles only recently came out of the kiln. They were created by 2nd years just before the summer holidays last year. They took inspiration from the shapes and textures of natural forms.

By Chloe Duff

By Kelly Ann Owens

By Cienna Quiwa

By Grainne McCloskey

By Alison Walsh

By Rebecca Matthews

Monday, October 8, 2012

Animation - New Beginnings from Old Roots

This is an Animation that was created by 5th Year Students. It was shown as part of the celebratory service held in the gym on the day of the 'Grand Opening' of the new building.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Art Exhibition Space

After much anticipation the new extension has finally been opened. The Art Department have been busy installing an exhibition of work in the new building for the 'Grand Opening'. Here are some photographs showing the range of work on show at the moment.

2nd Yr Group Project

6th Yr Charcoal Drawings & Lino Prints

5th Yr & 2nd Yr Work inspired by a trip to the Botanic Gardens

5th Yr Embroideries

By Georgina Carpenter

By Andria Wright

3rd Yr Group project - oversized insects

Junior Cert and Leaving Cert Work on display

Self Portrait by Andrea Kelly

6th Year Still Life

Monday, October 1, 2012

Junior Cert Work - 2012

Some of the Junior Cert Projects on display

Orla Reilly - A Helping Hand
Preparatory Work
Detail of Robots Head
3d Piece

Emma Cummins - Waiting at the Bus Stop


3d Piece


Alivia Nesser - Good Food


Preparatory Work

3d Piece

Niamh O'Carroll - Looking at Nature


Preparatory Work
Preparatory Work


3d Piece

Fionnuala Wright - Looking at Nature


Preparatory Work
3d Piece

3d Piece by Amanda Byrne
3d Piece by Melissa Curran