Sunday, April 22, 2012

Texaco Art Success


Congratulations to Eimear McMahon of 1st Year who was awarded 1st place in category C of the Texaco Art Competition with her fantastic Collage entitled 'My Best Friend'. She will be rewarded for her incredible achievement at an award ceremony held in Dublin on the 30th of May.

 Eimear will not be the only Greenhills student in attendance at the award ceremony. Meadhbh Honan, who is also a first year student, received a special merit award for her wonderful etching entitled 'The City'. Congratulations to Meadhbh on her excellent achievement. To view the rest of the winners from the competition click the link. Texaco Art Competition
'The City' by Maedhbh Honan

Appliqué Portraits - 1st Yr

After completing their collage portraits the first years started to create their appliqué portraits. They replaced the colourful paper of their collages with colourful fabric, and used a variety of stitching to enter the details of the face. Here are some of the fantastic results.

By Catherine Finn

By Maedhbh Honan

By Orlaith Hodgins

By Susanne Evers

By Niamh Markey

By Emily Carton

By Jessica Martin
By Laura Murphy

1st Yr Collage Portraits

The First Years are continuing on with their portrait project. Here they have created colourful collages using a variety of wallpaper.
By Eimear McMahon

 By Saska Prinsen

 By Ana Gardiner

 By Chloe Bickmore

 By Cáit Murphy

 By Emily Carton
 By Amy Kiernan
By Maedhbh Honan