Wednesday, April 20, 2011

5th Yr Woodcuts

The 5th Years recently completed woodcuts based on street scenes from around Drogheda. The prints had to be influenced by German Expressionist woodcuts and include some of their stylistic qualities. Expressionism is a term that describes art that uses distortions and exaggerations in shape and/or colour to express the artist’s emotion. The German Expressionists distorted images in quite a primitive manner. They exaggerated angles and carved crooked lines, giving an impression that they hacked away at the wood at a frenzied pace, adding to its intensity and expressive quality.

German Expressionist Woodcut
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Elisabeth-Ufer (Berlin), 1912
The Process
  The students started by creating drawings from photographs of various streets in Drogheda. They worked over their drawing using markers to block in areas of tone using pattern and line to create their expressionistic design for the woodcut. Once they were happy with the design they transferred it on to the wood block using carbon paper and cut the design out using lino-cutting tools.
Clockwise from above left: photographic source,
drawing, woodcut design, final print
all by Clare Fagan
Design by Christina Lynch

        Finished Print                                                                                         Finished Print

Finished Prints by Josephine Byrne

Finished Prints by Aoife Sharkey

Junk Kouture Final

Congratulations to both entries from Greenhills who performed in the Junk Kouture Final on Sunday night. The atmosphere was electric in the function room of the Burlington Hotel, with over a thousand people attending on the night. There was a great sense of occasion with members of the media conducting interviews and photo shoots, and the judging panel consisting of the fashion elite. The standard was absolutely phenomenal and the girls did the school proud with their amazing creations. You can view performances on the night from both entries 'Gagaphone' and 'Alice and Wonderland' below.


'Alice in Wonderland'

The overall winning entry was 'Urban Armour' designed by  Emma Clancy of Presentation School, Clonmel.  See photographs of the winner and other entries here. Junk Kouture Final Photographs

Monday, April 11, 2011

Steve McCurry I Worlds of Colour

Gallery of Photography, Temple Bar, Dublin
Exhibition Opens: 11am Thursday, 17th February, 2011 until Sunday, 24th April
Steve McCurry's work focuses on the human condition and the documentation of cultures around the world. McCurry is driven by an innate curiosity and sense of wonder about the world.

He has an uncanny ability to cross boundaries of language and culture to capture stories of human experience. In addition to his personal work, McCurry has covered many international conflicts in Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East."Most of my images are grounded in people. I look for the unguarded moment, the essential soul peeking out, experience etched on a person's face. I try to convey what it is like to be that person, a person caught in a broader landscape, that you could call the human condition."

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Junk Kouture

Please vote for the two candidates from Greenhills that have reached the final of Junk Kouture. Both costumes, 'Gagaphone' and 'Alice and Wonderland' will be competing in the grand final in the Burlington hotel in Dublin on Sunday 17th of April at 7.30pm. Follow the link to vote online. Tickets for the fashion show are available from the Junk Kouture website for those that are interested in attending  and showing support.

'Alice in Wonderland'


Friday, April 1, 2011

Junior Cert Project (2d work)

Since the 3rd years received the Junior Cert Art, Craft and Design exam paper back in October, they have been working hard to complete their three artworks before the fast approaching deadline. The art rooms are bustling at lunchtimes with 3rd year students using their break to spend extra time on their projects. The themes of the projects are :
              1.    Meeting Friends
              2.    Along the Riverbank
              3.    Tones and Textures
              4.    My Own Comfort Zone
              5.    Getting Started
              6.    The Garden Poem
    Here are some examples of the two-dimensional project work (paintings and posters) that have been created.

    'Along the Riverbank', by Jennifer Mc Keown
    Cityscape poster by Eimear Rooney
    Poster featuring famous buildings along the River Thames  by Aisling Molloy
    Surfing poster by Leah Mc Hugh
    'Meeting Friends', by Olivia Campbell

    Clockwise from top left corner: by Anna Courtney, by Katie Matthews,  by Gill Kunch and by Melissa Bilbao.
    Clockwise from top left corner: by Sarah Smith, by Michaela Murtagh,  by Rebecca Matthews and by Sarah O'Connor.
    'Along the Riverbank', by Andrea Kelly
    'Along the Riverbank', by Amy Holdcroft
    'Tones and Textures', by Mary Fanning