Monday, March 28, 2011

5th Yr - Sculpture Project

The 5th Year art students started out the year with a sculpture project. We wanted to make large scale sculptures that made an impact on open night. The brief for the sculptures was that they were to reference organic forms, lines and patterns, and that they were to remain abstract in appearance. In preparation for the large sculptures the students each made an individual mock-up from wire and masking tape, exploring the idea of forms within forms.

The pupils worked in groups of three to create their large finished pieces. They used willow for the framework of the sculptures.

This natural material proved to be ideal for the job as it is pliable, yet resilient; and with the lengths of willow reaching 8 foot the students were able to build large, very quickly.

The students added wire to the willow framework to add more detail to the form of the sculpture.

The sculptures were finished off with vibrant coloured tissue, blocking off certain areas and leaving others transparent.
Sculptures in situ

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