Friday, April 1, 2011

Junior Cert Project (2d work)

Since the 3rd years received the Junior Cert Art, Craft and Design exam paper back in October, they have been working hard to complete their three artworks before the fast approaching deadline. The art rooms are bustling at lunchtimes with 3rd year students using their break to spend extra time on their projects. The themes of the projects are :
              1.    Meeting Friends
              2.    Along the Riverbank
              3.    Tones and Textures
              4.    My Own Comfort Zone
              5.    Getting Started
              6.    The Garden Poem
    Here are some examples of the two-dimensional project work (paintings and posters) that have been created.

    'Along the Riverbank', by Jennifer Mc Keown
    Cityscape poster by Eimear Rooney
    Poster featuring famous buildings along the River Thames  by Aisling Molloy
    Surfing poster by Leah Mc Hugh
    'Meeting Friends', by Olivia Campbell

    Clockwise from top left corner: by Anna Courtney, by Katie Matthews,  by Gill Kunch and by Melissa Bilbao.
    Clockwise from top left corner: by Sarah Smith, by Michaela Murtagh,  by Rebecca Matthews and by Sarah O'Connor.
    'Along the Riverbank', by Andrea Kelly
    'Along the Riverbank', by Amy Holdcroft
    'Tones and Textures', by Mary Fanning

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